wHeN My 2 KiNgS MeEt...

my 2 kings
1st king is my abah
my 2nd king is my sweetluv, zhafirku

last nite 21/03/2010
which is also our 39th month anvsry
zhafir had his boria competition

i suppose to attend dinner at Sime Darby Convention Centre
unfortunately, i changed my plan
my reason was
1st zhafir said dat he needed me to be there at DTC
2nd is bcause my abah want 2 meet him and c him perform

and luckily my decision was perfect
it cudnt been better
i'm feeling so blissful i cant wait 2 publish diz post
even though i have to waste rm80
but, its all worth it

it was one of my greatest night ever

(me+zhafirku..abah took diz)
(my 2 kings)
(meet the parents)
(d face that make my heart melt)
(zhafir's last boria)
p/s: forgot 2 mention they won all!
congratulation honey!